Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pros of Anarchism

Anarchism aims for a classless society but, unlike communism, rejects a strong controlling state. Anarchism fights for human freedom by opposing all forms of hierarchical organization and control- these are inherently repressive. It does not argue for complete disorder but advocates local co-operation and universal pacifism.

Anarchists recognize that even so-called democracies are essentially repressive institutions in which an educated, privileged elite of politicians and civil servants imposes its will on the mass of people. Anarchists want to live in a non-hierarchical, natural world of free association in which individual expression is paramount and all the paraphernalia of voting, government, taxation, laws and police are done away with.

While anarchism may not achieve its aim of universal non-hierarchical living, it is still an important voice of dissent, highlighting the injustices done to minorities, animals and the environment. Many anarchists are truly self-sufficient, living off the land, making their own clothes and bartering with each other. Such people include the ‘new age travellers’ and radical environmentalists who opt out of traditional hierarchies altogether for a natural, pacifist lifestyle.

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