Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Cancers of the brain are abnormal growths of cells in the brain. Growths are called brain tumors, but not all brain tumors are cancer. Cancer is a specific term for malignant tumors.
Malignant tumors grow and spread aggressively, overpowering healthy cells by taking their space, blood, and nutrients. Tumors that do not spread aggressively are called benign.
A benign tumor is less serious than a malignant tumor. But a benign tumor can still cause many problems in the brain. Genetic factors, various environmental toxins, radiation , and cigarette smoking are all known to cause cancer. The most common symptoms are headache, weakness, clumsiness, difficulty walking, seizures, altered mental status, nausea, vomiting ( especially early in the morning ), abnormalities in vision, difficulty with speech, gradual changes in intellectual or emotional capacity. In general, there is no way to prevent brain cancers. Early diagnosis and treatment of tumors may reduce the risk of sever brain tumors.
SOURCE: eMedicineHealth


Health Today, July 2008 (page 42)
What is dialysis? Dialysis plays the role of kidneys for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). As we all know, kidneys functions to filter waste products that are sent through the bloodstream. Kidneys of patient with CKD lose their filtering capacity. Their are two types of dialysis- haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis is actually the only thing that keeps kidney patients moving on besides a kidney transplant. living with dialysis is really devastating. Patients go through emotional upheaval and physical agony. In order to avoid end stage kidney failure and dialysis, as well as the side effects relating to the disease, we should ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Drugs for GOUT

SOURCE: Health Today, July 2008 (page 2)
The most common drug used for treating Gout is steroids. Steroids can be taken in pill form or injected directly into the joint. Unfortunately, prolonged use of steroids can cause weight gain, fluid retention, osteoporosis, bruising, muscle weakness, thinning of the skin, poor wound healing and decreased ability to fight infection. Besides that, steroids can worsen symptoms of diabetes and glaucoma. Therefore in my opinion, prevention is better than cure. healthy diet coupled with exercise can prevent almost any disease in the world.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Smoking is actually the inhalation of smoke from cigarettes. Many reasons have been found on why people smoke. Most say they want to get away from all their working and life stress. Some smoke out of pleasure while some smoke for the sake of trying it. But eventually they get addicted and puff their money away. The problem with the people today is, they are educated and are well learned about the dangers of smoking. But they still don't quit smoking. It is very hard to understand their mindset. Many people die everyday due to heavy smoking. Our health ministry, they are trying their level best to help smokers quit smoking but it is simple not working. So i would like to plead to all smokers, Please stop smoking. A big thank you.


Euthanasia refers to assisted dying. Following are several summary definition on different types of Euthanasia. Indirect Euthanasia means the involvement of a clinician. Direct Euthanasia means the involvement of a clinician as agent in inducing a patient's death. Voluntary Euthanasia occurs in a fully-informed request of an adult patient whereas non voluntary is without the patient's consent. Involuntary Euthanasia occurs over an objection of a patient. Finally terminal sedation is a combination of medically inducing a deep sleep and stopping other treatment, with the exception of medication for symptom control. Euthanasia is definitely not legalized in our country. It is not morally correct to take one's life. We do not have the authority to play "GOD". Before performing a Euthanasia act, we have to take many things into consideration. Well lets think about the betterment of something. Killing is not the final solution for any problem.
Source- Wikipedia

global warming

One of the most hotly debated topic on Earth is the issue of climate change. Surfing through http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/global warming.html , I learned that knowing how the world's systems are changing and how they have changed in the past is crucial to understand how they will change in the future. Besides that, there many things I ponder on after reading on global warming. One of those questions are what is the greenhouse affect and is it affecting our climate? I am definitely worried about the future and thinking about mother nature's cruel ending scares me! It is high time we realise it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

weekend fun

Last weekend was fun as I went back home to Kuala Lumpur. Though it was a short stay, I really enjoyed it. I really missed my mum and my rabbit, Cuddles. I am looking forward to be back home again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

first day of blogging in UMP

In todays rush hour to get back to hometown after technical English class, I am glad to blog for the first time in UMP. I am more excited to post my ups and downs in here. Until I get back with more things to share, signing out people. Have a great weekend. Take care